What to Expect from A Real Estate Agent

Astonishingly beautiful with spectacular scenery that populates the area, California is an affluent beach community famous for its’ warm, sandy beaches and for being the home of many Hollywood movie stars and others associated with the entertainment industry. real estate offers potential residents the opportunity to swim, surf, hike, bike, and explore right in your own backyard. With a population of just under 13,000,real estate is renowned in the entertainment industry as not only a great place for celebrities to live but also, as a location that has continued to be used for many films, television programs, and music videos.

Real estate provides access to some of the best schools in the state. Residents are served by three elementary schools, a half dozen private schools, and high school.

There are a wide range of amenities for those with real estate including the well-regarded beaches including the popular Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach, which draws a steady crowd of surfing enthusiasts regularly. California State Parkland carpets the hills behind offer opportunities to ride horseback, hike, run, and mountain bike. Furthermore,real estate allows residents to hike to majestic views of the Santa Monica Mountains, the curve of the Santa Monica Bay, Santa Catalina Island, and the San Fernando Valley.

An advantage to having real estate is that there aren’t as many tourists. The tourist-filled chartered busses that are common in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, pass through infrequently as celebrity homes are often in remote locations, inaccessible by bus.

Real estate is commonly thought of as some of the most expensive real estate in the state. This is both, true and false. Real estate and its’ lifestyle is not cheap, and it does require someone with a higher than average income to maintain. There are areas more expensive than others. For instance, Carbon Beach – what has been famously titled as “Billionaire Beach” by Forbes Magazine – has been described as the world’s most expensive sandbox with an estimated real estate cost of greater than $200,000 per square foot. This is a perfect example of the more luxurious real estate available in the community however it is important to note that the median income for a household in the city is $102,031, and the median income for a family is $123,293.

Real estate is affordable to those who are well off and in order to sustain a lifestyle in the community, one must be “well off” but not necessarily a billionaire.

With premier restaurants, elite shopping opportunities, and the sense of adventure that the mountains and green space bring, this is the premier time to buy real estate. Transportation is easy with the Pacific Coast Highway taking you to anywhere you need to be and the community itself is very safe, with a low crime rate. Whether you are a parent looking for a place to raise your kids, an entrepreneur looking to open up a small business, or someone who’s looking for a little bit of isolation from the hustle and bustle that the rest of the world brings, real estate brings with it sun, an elite coast line, and unparalleled majesty.