We Buy Homes As Is No Matter Their Condition

Before jumping to conclusions and assumptions, let’s get to pushing one thing out of the window – what does the term “As Is” mean? If you have been in the house buying and selling circle, then you are aware and have heard of this term bouncing off walls.

So, what does “As Is” exactly refer to? It’s when homeowners decide that rather than pouring loads of money and time into sprucing up the house, without any effort, list it – hoping that someone out there knows of a good deal and takes the offer. Essentially, it’s no additional work being carried out at the approaching time of selling your house.

In fact, there are more reasons than one that one should opt to search for we buy homes “As Is” no matter their condition buyer.

• Inheriting an old house that needs to be unloaded fast

• Having a rundown house due to poor maintenance and lack of time which has now come to the point of so much work that selling it is a better way out!

• Trying to save all the money you can get your hands on

Well, it doesn’t matter; ultimately you are on the lookout for we buy homes as is no matter their condition buyer.

Selling your house “As Is” is not easy – primarily because of its condition. If it’s in good shape, then you’re in luck, if not, there lies the problem. If you choose to sell the house yourself without the help of house buyers, then this is all the more problematic. If you have put in enough thought, then you would know the problem is looking for a buyer to buy the house “As Is”.

• Now the catch is when listing “As Is” do you mention you are selling “As Is”? – This might be off putting to potential buyers with money, when they see the place they may turn their backs? On the other hand, bargain hunters who are a sure shot at buying may not look at your place as they don’t see a likely deal. This puts you in a fix.

• Also, how much to disclose when you state “As Is” is a catch. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to point out every crack in the wall, but the majority of the issues needs to be put forth.

• What if the buyers inspect the property? Will they find leaks and cracks in areas which you missed?

All these thoughts can be nerve-racking and stressful.

It’s best if you can avoid this and discover another way of seeking out we buy homes “As Is”, no matter their condition buyers.

This is where we bring to you house buyers. House buyers have been in the house buying industry for a long time and hence, they know the industry through and through. They have industry knowledge and know-how and can certainly lend a helping hand at the time of need. Let’s look at how house buyers can be of assistance:

a) As we have stated here, house buyers are the ones who partake in we buy homes “As Is” no matter their condition, which means, they buy houses “As Is”. We have already explained the meaning of “As Is” earlier. Apart from this, they have added advantages which add to the list.

b) For the sale of your house, they will offer you all cash. At the time of closing, you will get the entire amount which is discussed at the beginning in all cash.

c) Unlike the traditional methods where “Realtors” charge 6% real estate commissions, house buyers do not charge anything – no fees or commissions.

d) They have quick closing time, which means that in as little as 7 days or so, the entire house selling process can be complete. All you got to do it get ready to move ahead in a week.

It’s not just “As Is”, but house buyers have so many advantages associated with their name.

If you live in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC all you have to do is fill the online form or pick up the phone and call them. It’s very easy. They are established and have put in place a stress-free and hassle-free process so as to make things less taxing on you, the customer. Make the best use of it!