You can Sell Your House in 7 Days!

How Realtors operate

To answer your question, plain and simple, a fast home buying company follow certain processes that will help you sell your house in 7 days. This is not something that “Realtors” can really pull off. Even if they wish to or want to, or hope to help you out by aggressively marketing and advertising about your house on the market, it still cannot generate a response wherein prospective buyers inspect the property and after which the pricing has to be negotiated and only if it makes a good fitment to both parties can something really be agreed upon and the house is officially considered sold.

And then, the paperwork, closing costs, the mortgage closing, paying the mandatory 6% commissions to the “real estate agent” and more follow suit. Like in a series, one after the other, all of these have to be undertaken and only then do you finish the sale of your house and you also get the final payment after everything is done and taken care of.

Homebuyers show you the way to sell your house in 7 days

But homebuyers on the other hand, have a seamless process in place. So right from engaging with you, and learning about the fact that you want to sell your house in 7 days and then after the offer is made, and then building on that quickly, the process is set in motion and before you know it, your “As Is” condition house is sold and it is settled with cash for your house. And most of all, it is done in as little as 7 days or less. So, now that you have made up your mind to sell your house fast, and you want to know a thing or two more about how to sell your house in 7 days, then here they are laid out right here for you:

1. First off, when you embark on this house selling episode and not just sell, but you want to sell your house and sell your house in 7 days, you still need to do some basic groundwork, or check with friends and family or go online and find out which home buying company you would be going with or want to go with to begin with.

2. You have to speak to a couple and understand how they operate and then once you have found a dependable home buying company, who befits you and your requirements, and are also locally reachable from around your neighborhood, be it, Virginia, Washington, DC, or Maryland.

3. Once you are in the final stage of finalizing, you need to know whether the homebuyers with whom you are going to engage with, have the knowhow and have been doing this for some time. Also, they should be having an actual office space with staff members who are readily available for a face-to-face discussion or if you have any queries, they help address that too.

4. You get to just sell your house in 7 days, “As Is.” That is the beauty of going with a fast home buying company. Yes. There are no questions asked. No prepping, cleaning and revamping to be done. All that you need to do is you move out, without even tidying up the place.

5. If you want to sell your house in 7 days, quite simply, you can. And just because you are selling your house in as little as 7 days, you do not have to dole out any extra charges or fees even.

Whatever reasons you want to sell your house in 7 days, be it, an inherited home, a transfer, moving out of the country, marriage, sickness or an even accident, your ability to sell your house to homebuyers is independent of any of the reasons that are purporting you to do this.

So, then that’s a big breather isn’t it? What more do you have to really ask for?!

Realtors Vs We Buy Homes for Cash Companies

It is a commonly known fact that selling a home through Realtors can be truly intimidating. You must be aware of their time-consuming processes and elevated fees or commissions. There are a lot of hassles involved while dealing with them. Though, selling a house through the real estate agents is the traditional method. You may have heard of ‘We buy houses’ companies. These are real buyers who can purchase homes for cash within the minimal timeframe.

The main difference between Realtors and cash home buyers is the intent. We Buy Homes for Cash companies are direct buyers who don’t look to maximize their interest like Realtors. They are well established with a strong presence and physical office set up in the city, which ensures their authenticity and trustworthiness. There are many other factors which make them stand ahead of real estate agents. These factors are the real differences between the two. So, here we will delve into them.

The Time Taken for Closing the Deal:

A real estate agent cannot guarantee a fast sale. Mostly, these agents take about 6-12 months to complete the deal. They will bring a lot of prospects to inspect your home. And, you’ll need to renovate your house each time to make an impression. This process goes on and on. It’s frustrating and unduly long. However, choosing ‘We Buy Houses’ companies instead of Realtors will certainly mitigate all your worries. Being the direct buyer, they don’t indulge with any third party and can buy your home fast within a stipulated period.

Fast Assessment of Price:sell

You must have noticed that Realtors always strive to pressurize you for a lower price. They will not give any estimation or approximate price of the house. Rather, they are mostly seen talking on behalf of a buyer than a seller. You may lose your confidence and bargaining power while dealing with them. But, ‘we buy homes for cash’ companies are fair and professional in their approach. They will instantly reach out to you and assess the price after a small inspection of your house. After making an offer, they’ll never pressurize you to accept it. They do a relatively fast assessment without expecting the similar response from you. You can take time to reply. It is one of the key highlights of cash home buyers.

The Condition of House:

Professional cash home buyers assess the valuation of a house according to its current conditions and locality. They do not ask to declutter or renovate the house. They already have a skilled team to look after this task. These companies buy a home in As Is condition. They will not demand any facelift through renovation or repair. An experienced team backed with a skilled labor force remains in contact with these house buyers. They can complete the same renovation or repair work at 50-60% lesser cost than you will have to shell out. And, this cost advantage is passed to the seller on the final price. On the other hand, Realtors will ask you to renovate and repair your home for enhancing its curb appeal. You have to spend a lot of cash for such work without any assurance of sale.

The Amount of Financial Contingency:

Realtors are not reliable and trustworthy. The prospects they bring to buy your home mostly depend on loans. This process is not simple and it may derail your future planning. As far as cash home buyer companies are concerned, there is no such financial contingency involved in their procedures. They have a huge cash reserve and capability to deal with multiple properties at the same time. They don’t look for financial contingency to evaluate the property and never require financial support to buy a house.

Fees or Commissions Involved:

The commissions or fees charged by Realtors exerts a huge impact on your pocket. On an average, they charge 6% real estate commissions. If you analyze your earnings after spending on renovation, repairs, proceedings, and commissions, you may find yourself in a big loss. With cash home buyers, there is no such commission involved in their dealing. You save the entire fee which you have to pay for availing the incompetent services of real estate agents.

Get All Cash for Home:

On completion of the deal, home buyers pay the entire amount in cash. With Realtors, there is no such assurance and you may be asked to wait for months after completing the deal. Here, dealing with cash home buyers can ease out your debt burden or pay off your debts so that you can live a peaceful and relaxed life.

Tips on How to Sell Your House in Seven Days

What are some of those imperative reasons for you to sell home fast?

• The saying, ‘Age is just a number’, does work many a time. But sometimes, this adage does not really bode well for all. And inadvertently, age is a big deciding factor in how you lead your lives as you grow older. And so, if after retirement, you have still been managing things nineteen to a dozen, good for you. But on the other hand, if there is a slight slip up or a sickness or two throws you back or here, ahead in time, then suddenly you are looking and feeling old and tired. If health doesn’t partner well, then everything becomes tough, no doubt. So, if you own a big, ancestral home in Maryland, its upkeep will not be easy and so you think it’s best to sell house fast. Now, you can’t prep the house and clean it, and wait at least 6-12 months if you go the “Realtors” way. Then your next best option is we buy houses company who will buy your Maryland house “As Is” in as little as 7 days and give you cash for house. And, then you can plan on how to spend your twilight years’.

• You like challenging assignments and tough projects, and so you are always in the quest of new jobs that serves the purpose. And to your luck, you just landed an assignment overseas. And the catch is to join ASAP. So now, you have to plan, coordinate, and then relocate. And since it is an international relocation there are a lot of things to do and also money is needed in droves. You may not be to afford to go with a ‘real estate agent’ and follow-ups, house prepping, commissions and the works. So then after much search, you decide express home buying company it is, and you sell house fast, “As Is” and close in as little as 7 days and you can move on with the cash for house that you got.

Are you waiting to learn some Tips on how to sell your House in 7 days? Here they are:

1. If you want tips on how to sell your house in 7 days looking to sell your house fast and in 7 days in Virginia, then first make sure the antecedents of the professional house buying company wherever you reside, be it Maryland, Virginia or even Washington, DC is fine. As in, if they have good experience, have been in the business for at least a decade or more, and have a physical office presence near where you reside and all of this is definitely very reassuring.

2. You can check online about house buying companies and check out testimonials and reviews online and you get a fair idea.

3. It is always good to be in the know. So, know what is the general pricing trending in your area and how the housing market really is. Not just this, pricing is also dependent on the age of your house, size and other factors.

4. When you sell house in 7 days to an express home buying company, then you don’t have to prep, stage or repair your home, you just have to sell it “As Is.” It is that simple!

5. There are no commissions or fees payable at closing. Instead, you get all cash for house at closing.

6. The pricing offered is competitive and is in line with what the house value is at that time.

7. Yes. At the time of closing your house “As Is” and which happens in as little as 7 days, you get cash for house.

Have you got all the relevant tips on how to sell your house in 7 days?

For a house that you own in Virginia, Maryland, or even Washington, DC, you were seeking the best possible tips on how to sell your house in as little as 7 days which included selling house “As Is” and also included hassle-free options. It looks like you have gotten what you were looking for and now you are better prepared and know who to seek and how to go about it and the time taken and the how the process unravels too!

Seven Reasons Why You Should Sell Home to We Buy Houses for Cash Companies

Your house is the biggest asset of your lifetime. It is indeed an ultimate choice of investment for your savings. As a matter of fact, it is something that you won’t buy frequently. But due to the changes of life, you may have to vacate it. In such circumstances, it is a wise decision to sell this property instead of holding it back. Over the period, it will start decaying due to consistent negligence. So, it’s better to sell the home before it is too late.

If you have made your mind to sell your house in 7 days, the next thing that comes to mind is the process involved in selling it. This process entails finding an appropriate buyer, finalizing the deal, following the proceedings, and completing the sale. There are so many glitches involved at every stage. This may break you morally, financially, and physically. Here, you need the help of experts.

In this regard, cash home buyers can be the right choice for selling your property. They buy homes effortlessly without involving many formalities. Here are given seven reasons why you should sell a home to ‘we buy houses for cash’ companies.

  1. Immediate Cash

Fast cash in hand is the biggest advantage of selling a home through these companies. There is no burden of clearing off duties or charges of house as all these things are factored in the final quotation of your house. Once you accept their offer, you just need to relax. The home buying company will take care of all the legalities and documentations. After signing the agreement, cash is directly paid.

  1. No Repairs Required

A house, lacking curb appeal and contemporary architecture, may lose the attention of the buyers. The house owners spend thousands of dollars in renovating and repairing their homes. With home buyers, these expenses become absolutely zero. They buy a home in As Is condition. That means no repair work is needed. A cash house buyer has an expert team that can get any sort of repairs done at discounted prices.

  1. Fast Closures

If you are contemplating to selling your home through real estate agents or Realtors, you must consider the massive time frame they take. If you are in a hurry to sell the house, this can be the most disastrous decision for you. They will drag the process of settlement to several weeks or months. Also, they will impose the burden of repairs and inspection of property repeatedly. This may be frustrating and stressful.

On the other hand, ‘we buy homes for cash’ companies can handle multiple projects at the same time. They have huge reserves of cash. Hence, they can complete the deals per the seller’s preferences. In some cases, they can close a deal in just 7 days as well.

  1. Save Commission

Agents demand a heavy commission on selling your home. This can be as high as 6% costing you a lot. Despite paying such large amount, there is no surety of selling the house instantly. However, this scenario is reversed in the case of cash home buyers. They don’t demand any fee as they are actual buyers. They invest in property for the futuristic gains. You not only save heavy commissions but also get surety of completing the deal immediately.

  1. Avoid Strangers Entering Your Home

Hosting multiple strangers daily for inspection of your home can be annoying at times. They push to see every corner of the house and pass comments that may not be pleasing. In the case of professional home buyers, they inspect a home only once and quote the offer right there or over the phone. After that, there is no pressure of demonstrating your house again. You can choose the closure date and there is no burden to vacate the home immediately.

  1. Avoid Financial Difficulties

If you have huge financial liabilities, every passing day makes them a heavy burden. Whether it is a debt on the house or business liability, you can easily get rid of it and sell house As Is to ‘we buy houses for cash’ companies. They offer a competitive price on your home after analyzing its condition. You can opt for a fast procedure to get cash for clearing your debts immediately. This fast approval and cash disbursement can safeguard your credibility in the financial institutions.

  1. No Harassment:

Selling a home through agents can involve a lot of harassments including repairing, demonstration of the house repeatedly, and legalities for the closure of deal. Each document must be prepared by you in advance. Even after paying such heavy commissions, all these hassles are left for you. Going with the house buyers prevents any such harassment and you can enjoy the process of selling of your house.

These are the seven main reasons to sell your home to ‘we buy houses for cash’ companies.

How to Buy the Perfect Luxury Real Estate?

Real estate is a very tricky business as it involves a lot of money and a lot of uncertainties as well. A lot of third parties are involved who can mislead you into believing that a location or property is worth the investment. This is especially true when you are dealing with luxury real estate. Luxury real estate is certainly an expensive investment and one cannot afford to make mistakes while making the buying decision. Be it the location or the property or the interior, every aspect has to be pitch perfect before making that exuberant investment. A lot of factors have to be considered before signing off the deal and this article will try to brief a few of those things. Read on to know more.

Things to Consider While Buying Luxury Real Estate

1. Search Process

Where would you look for luxury real estate that is up for sale. Unlike regular residential and commercial spaces, luxury homes or properties are not that aggressively promoted on websites or pushed with the help of real estate agents. Sellers of luxury real estate like to keep the sale very discreet and entertain only those who have the capacity and interest to invest in their property. Thus, make sure you are searching for luxury property in the right place and talking to the right people.

2. Location

Location plays a very important role in the decision making process because this is the factor that decides whom are you surrounding yourself with. You would certainly want your property to be located in a beautiful place that has good transport and communication facilities. Secondly, you would want to be surrounded by people who are likeminded and share the same social status that you do. Background research is a must if you are buying a luxury real estate in a place/community that’s totally unknown to you.

3. Personal Visit

Inspecting the luxury real estate personally before making any buying decisions is the wisest thing to do. Fraudsters and greedy real estate agents try to do this gimmick of showing impressive or previous photos of the house where it looks brand new and extravagant. However, there is a high chance that these homes are old and not worthy enough to make a hefty investment. Thus, the only ways to confirm your interests in the property is by visiting the place by yourself and see if the place suits you and requires the least renovation.

4. Architecture and Interior

A luxury property is not just a roof on your head but involves beautiful addons like architecture and interior design. These factors reflect luxury and eloquence in a real estate property. Don’t even think about the investment if the property you are currently interested in is lacking good architecture or lacks good aesthetics. Rather than buying a luxury property in the best location, it is better to have a home that suits your personality or at least modify the same to suit your preference. Ensure that the renovation from your end costs as less as possible in case a renovation is required.

Five Things to Consider Before Buying Real Estate

Sandy beaches, clear waters, shining sun and a chilled life; the very thought of this place and its tropical vibe makes anyone feel like packing their bags and leave for a vacation. If mere vacations to this area and its neighborhoods are so exciting, imagine the idea of living in one of those neighborhoods! South Florida is one such neighborhood that is known for its incredible living standards and real estate. It is in fact one of the oldest inhabited neighborhoods and was formed in 1925. The place is also known for its rich diversity, as people from all over the world with different professional backgrounds come and dwell in this beautiful neighborhood. Considered to be one of the most ideal neighborhoods in Miami to buy real estate, here’s a list of things one needs to consider before purchasing any kind of property in South Florida.

1. Geography of South Florida

South Florida is certainly a tropical region that is located on the banks of the Biscayne Bay. The entire neighborhood is divided into two parts. The population of the region is close to 20,000 and includes a pretty diverse racial makeup. It is ideally located to be closer to all other neighborhoods  and one can drive up to Miami Beach in less than 20 minutes from here.

2. Real Estate in South Florida

Before investing in real estate in this place, it is wise to know the current market trends in the neighborhood. South Florida market has always been bright and in demand, even in the tough times of recession in 2008. The demand has always been high and extremely stable. The price range of the properties available is very wide, ranging from costly, extravagant mansions to charming cottages and modern houses which are available for less than a million.

3. Type of Real Estate

Before buying in South Florida, one should also be sure of the type he/she wants to buy in this beautiful neighborhood. Bay front mansions, canal front homes, luxury bay front condos and large estates, living abodes of all ranges and extravagance are available in this region. Do your research from the listings available and select the one that matches your lifestyle and budget.

4. Livability

South Florida is one of the best neighborhoods in Miami for buying real estate and ‘livability’ is one of the main reasons why it is so. The neighborhood is just minutes away from prestigious schools, world class restaurants, bars, shopping malls, cafes and all other kinds of services, including a boat dock service.

5. Real Estate Agent

Real estate over here is one that involves a lot of money and big stakes. If you are new to Miami and want to meet the right people for the right kind of property without wasting much time and money, you need a reliable agent who has an impressive profile with high experience and reputation.

What to Expect from A Real Estate Agent

Astonishingly beautiful with spectacular scenery that populates the area, California is an affluent beach community famous for its’ warm, sandy beaches and for being the home of many Hollywood movie stars and others associated with the entertainment industry. real estate offers potential residents the opportunity to swim, surf, hike, bike, and explore right in your own backyard. With a population of just under 13,000,real estate is renowned in the entertainment industry as not only a great place for celebrities to live but also, as a location that has continued to be used for many films, television programs, and music videos.

Real estate provides access to some of the best schools in the state. Residents are served by three elementary schools, a half dozen private schools, and high school.

There are a wide range of amenities for those with real estate including the well-regarded beaches including the popular Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach, which draws a steady crowd of surfing enthusiasts regularly. California State Parkland carpets the hills behind offer opportunities to ride horseback, hike, run, and mountain bike. Furthermore,real estate allows residents to hike to majestic views of the Santa Monica Mountains, the curve of the Santa Monica Bay, Santa Catalina Island, and the San Fernando Valley.

An advantage to having real estate is that there aren’t as many tourists. The tourist-filled chartered busses that are common in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, pass through infrequently as celebrity homes are often in remote locations, inaccessible by bus.

Real estate is commonly thought of as some of the most expensive real estate in the state. This is both, true and false. Real estate and its’ lifestyle is not cheap, and it does require someone with a higher than average income to maintain. There are areas more expensive than others. For instance, Carbon Beach – what has been famously titled as “Billionaire Beach” by Forbes Magazine – has been described as the world’s most expensive sandbox with an estimated real estate cost of greater than $200,000 per square foot. This is a perfect example of the more luxurious real estate available in the community however it is important to note that the median income for a household in the city is $102,031, and the median income for a family is $123,293.

Real estate is affordable to those who are well off and in order to sustain a lifestyle in the community, one must be “well off” but not necessarily a billionaire.

With premier restaurants, elite shopping opportunities, and the sense of adventure that the mountains and green space bring, this is the premier time to buy real estate. Transportation is easy with the Pacific Coast Highway taking you to anywhere you need to be and the community itself is very safe, with a low crime rate. Whether you are a parent looking for a place to raise your kids, an entrepreneur looking to open up a small business, or someone who’s looking for a little bit of isolation from the hustle and bustle that the rest of the world brings, real estate brings with it sun, an elite coast line, and unparalleled majesty.

How to Find the Right Home for Sale

‘Homes for sale’ are popular in many cities all over the world, so it’s no wonder so many individuals, couples, and families are looking for the same.  But why is South Western America such an attractive point of destination?

Why is it number one?

South California  has a lot of favouring conditions for standard of living.  It has mild weather year-round, maintaining temperatures between 19 and 35 degrees Celsius.  It has low humidity, rains rarely, and, for the most part, provides clear skies all year long.  It also offers a fantastic outdoor environment, with close proximity to 8 beaches, multiple ski resorts, and multiple golf courses. This part of America  is also the entertainment capital of the world.  It provides close proximity to all of the entertainment experiences the place has to offer, and some of the universities, colleges, and academies are located in and around the area.  Further, it features an amazing public transportation system.  With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder South California homes for sale are among the top searched.

Finding the home to match your new  lifestyle

South California caters to a particular lifestyle.  With so much to see and do and so many opportunities to see and do it all, LA provides a lifestyle of luxury and extravagance—which means you can’t just settle for any home when making the move to LA.  You need a luxury home that can stand up to your luxury lifestyle, which means you’ll be looking for South California homes for sale in prominent and up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

Different options for  luxury homes for sale

Of course, when it comes to finding the right South California homes for sale, it’s hard to go wrong, but here are a few of the options available in the region.

1)  If you are looking for  homes for sale that form a renovated, restored, and refurbished link to history and tradition, then South California  is the place for you.  From restoration projects to newly-furbished condominiums and apartments, the southern part of California has the homes for sale that can lead you to the urban lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

2)  English Films Industry. Although it also invites lots of tourism throughout the year, it still has that cinematic style that keeps people intrigued when it comes to looking for South California homes for sale.  Downtown, vintage office buildings have been transformed into luxury lofts.  If you’re looking for a location that can help you connect to your cinematic idol of days past, then this would suit  you.

3)  If surfing, high bluffs, beaches, and a Pacific Ocean view is more your style, then this region in California is for you.  Located more towards the western side, it has some of the most affluent luxury  homes for sale on the market.  From ranch-style houses to hillside estates, these homes spell luxury.

What to look for in a luxury home?

Of course, location isn’t everything when it comes to finding the right home for sale.  You want a home that suits you, too.  If a luxury estate says it all, or if you’d prefer a luxury loft, condo, or duplex, or even if you’re looking for that unique fixer-upper, you’ll be sure to find the right South California homes, for sale in the most choice locations, for you.  South West America really does have it all.

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